The Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag is popular for many reasons, not the least of which is its fashion versatility. After all, it looks good with a sharp business suit or a nice casual sweater and never looks out of place with most clothes you’ll wear on a given day.

It also looks good thanks to its sharp lines and excellent stitching that fills a sweet spot between professional and casual. Furthermore, the Kenneth Cole Reaction bag consists of full-grain Colombian leather that’s made to last.
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Among the many other reasons we like this bag is its functionality. After all, a bag may look great but not provide the kind of overall usefulness that you need from something that’s going to carry your most necessary items. It’s large enough to hold a mini-laptop, a textbook, an average-sized notebook, pens, etc.
Organizer pouches located on the front of the bag include a cell phone pocket, two pen pockets, and three card slots. The bag’s main flap comes with an easy-to-use magnetic snap closure. It also features a polyester lining and additional stash pockets under the flap for which to store additional items.
The Kenneth Cole Reaction bag also comes with comfortable, permanent, and padded shoulder straps. You can adjust the longer strap from 20 to 24 inches, while the shorter strap has a drop of three inches.
Let’s not forget Buffalo leather, either, and as its name suggests, the KomalC 15-inch bag comes from the hide of buffalo. How big of a difference that makes is, well, more left up to each bag’s owner, but KomalC does tout its leather as 100% pure and hand-made.
Type of leather aside, the KomalC’s bags have a lot going for them and the 15-inch Retro Buffalo hunter bag/briefcase is no exception. For one, it’s lighter than most other bags its size, but not so light that durability or quality become compromised.
The bag also features two large front pockets that can transport a variety of items, including cell phones, wallets, books, etc. The bag has a durable canvas lining while the exterior has a slightly rustic, vintage look that’s suitable for many occasions and venues. It’s excellent for use as a laptop bag, among other things, and ideal for men and women.
KomalC represents the vision and work of Indian designer Komal Chaudhary. Her first product was called Passion Leather (which we’ll talk about in bit) and the Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger bag represents another stop along the way
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If you need room for “stuff,” then you should give the DHK 18-inch bag serious consideration before you buy. One of the bag’s many virtues, after all, is that you can store a lot of items in it; the outer pocket has enough room to store an iPad and the other essential items you need throughout your work or school day.
The DHK 18 has three compartments in all, including a large middle compartment that’s roomy enough for laptops, files, and more. There’s also a zippered pocket inside the bag that’s ideal for storing valuable items, including currency and credit cards.
We also like this bag’s versatility. It’s uni***, so both men and women can use it as a leather messenger bag, but you can also use it as a camera bag, computer bag, laptop bag, and more. It’s ideal for office or college, or anytime when you have a variety of items to transport and prefer to carry them all in one bag.
The DHK 18 bag comes from India and it’s made of goat leather. We haven’t mentioned goat leather before now (probably because fewer bags are made from it) but, hey, that doesn’t mean it’s bad stuff. Plus, you’ll be happy to know that your DHK 18 bag doesn’t smell like a goat.
Nonetheless, don’t be alarmed if your bag has a “slight” smell when you first remove it from its packaging. The manufacturer promises that the odor will diminish in just a few hours.
What else? Well, the DHK 18 not only provides plenty of room for a laptop but also comes with padding that protects your computer from wear, tear, and damage.
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